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Kaitlyn Ashley  Biography Photo Kaitlyn Ashley Biography
Born: 6/29/1971
Aliases: Kaitlin Ashley, Misty, Kaithlyn, Kaitlynn, Kait Lynn, Kaitlyn Kelly, Caithlyn Ashley, Cherry Stone, Kaitlynn Down

Date of Birth: June 29th, 1971
Birthplace: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Current Resident in Dallas, Texas
Birth Name: Kelly Hoffman
Assumed Aliases: KaitLynn | Kaitlyn Kelly | Cherry Stone
Height: 5' 5" Weight: 114 lbs Waist: 24 Hips: 36
Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Blonde Breast: 36E

Kaitlyn Ashley born (Kelly Hoffman) June 29, 1971 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is an American pornographic actress and a member of the AVN Hall of Fame.

Ashley entered the adult film industry with her husband, Jay Ashley, in April of 1993, following his return from eight months of active duty as a marine in Somalia and their move to California. Her first onscreen appearance was in Beach Bum Amateurs #32.

She was active in pornographic movies from 1993 until 1997, appearing in over 300 films. Ashley credits Nina Hartley and Debi Diamond with giving her advice and support during her four year career. She became best known for her anal, double penetration, lesbian and interracial scenes. She also starred in several all-girl films, using strap-on dildos.

In 1995, she was offered a contract with VCA Pictures, but the offer was withdrawn when evidence of her husband's drug abuse came to light. This angered Ashley, leading to a separation of several months between the married couple during late 1995 and early 1996. Unable to cope with his continuing drug addiction, she divorced Jay Ashley in the middle of 1997, hooking up with a DJ at a strip club where she was working. This DJ appeared with her in the movie The Private Diary of Tori Welles.

From her best performances in Starbangers 7 and Oral Obsession, it's obvious that Kaitlyn Ashley would be right at home at even the most raucous frat party during Spring Break. This cute smiled seducer boasts a stellar 34D-24-35 figure at 5'5' and 110lbs. Now pumping those glamorous juggs all the way to a 36E size of splendor.
Kaitlyn Ashley's fresh scrubbed looks and wonderful acting ability makes her very popular with critics and fans alike. She has won several awards over the past couple yearsPerforming in a well over 150 features,
AVN: 1994 Best Supporting Actress
AVN: 1995 Best Female Performer
ted with a gorgeous tight body, a beautiful ass, a pretty face & a wonderful personality, Erica Boyer was dubbed by Nina Hartley as "The Ultimate Goddess of Erotica" a title that has stuck ever since, FRONT PAGE
Kaitlyn Ashley "is a dishwater blonde who has super-hooters," writes AFW's Jeremy Stone, "a nasty gleam in her eye and the kind of give it up attitude that should be mandatory for porn queens. Kaitlyn gives sloppy blowjobs with relish, takes a thick dick in her s---ter with a wicked smile on her face... Kaitlyn has a meaty labia... about a quarter pound of cunt lips, fat and juicy with a fetching shade of pink."

Porn's best actress, Kaitlyn appears in over 200 features, frequently with her husband Jay Ashley. She stars in Sodomania 6, Anal Rampage 2, Tales From the Clit, Buttslammers 6, Oral Obsession, The Starlet, and Shame.
"Shame is about women getting in touch with their power," Kaitlyn told AVN. "Shame is part Indian, part white and is torn between both cultures. At first my character, the pioneer woman, is a real Scarlet O'Hara; I rely on men for everything. Then I'm kidnapped by the Cavalry who are trying to start a war with the Indians. Shame busts me out of jail and teaches me assertiveness. It's a wonderful story, very spiritual."

Ashley stands 5'5", weighs 110 pounds and measures 34D-24-35. She displays on screen a vulnerable quality similar to that of actress Melanie Griffith. In her early work, Kaitlyn's hands tremble. "Is she porno's answer to Katherine Hepburn?" asks critic Roy Frumkes. "Whatever the cause, it's a rare instance where the dream factory falters for a few moments and we get a glimpse of a real person out there, and in this case, may find ourselves worrying about her."

Ashley displays her natural breasts in the laser disc Capitol Desires. Sex Alert released a year later according to the copyright, the size of her tits tripled by this time.

"I've always thought myself fat. My biggest way to lose weight was to starve myself. The first place I lose weight is my boobs. They began to look like empty wallets. I was losing work, because my boobs weren't as perky... So, in December of 1993, I got them enhanced. And that's when my career took off."

After Jay returned from eight months duty as a marine in Somalia, the couple moved to California in April, 1993. Jay wanted to enter porn and Kaitlyn said she'd try it. They tried it (Beach Bum Amateurs 32) and they liked it.
"The only problem I had was making noise," says Kaitlyn. "I don't usually make noise when I fuck at home."

Born on June 29, 1971, and raised in the party town of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Kaitlyn has 50 box covers to her credit. She prefers big budget films and her favorite girl to work with is Debi Diamond.

"Debi is like a mother or a sister...always looking out for me. During a scene, she's wild.

"When I came into this business I was fortunate to have Nina Hartley on my side. Nina sat John and I down and told us, "This is what you have to look out for..."

"She didn't tell us what to do, but she gave us a lot of advice on what to look out for. If anybody wants to get into this business, it's fine if you can have sex without putting your emotions into it."

Kaitlyn wants to be a veterinarian. Her house is a zoo with a rottweiler, a border collie, a Pomeranian, a cat and a snake and different stray animals.

Ashley made her first feature for Paul Thomas, American Blonde where she does Janine with a strap-on.
Buttslammers 6 was Kaitlyn's first time with Bruce Seven. "He's easy to work for. He likes to see women have fun. He doesn't have a script. He lets the girls do what they want to do.

"If you're in a bondage film for him, and anything hurts, you let him know. He doesn't make girls do anything that they don't want to do."

Kaitlyn's ambition is to be as popular and successful as Ginger Lynn.

"Ashley's a fuck machine who screws like some trailer-park tornado slut. Too bad she's as ugly as a moose. Her boobs were malformed when they were small and are even more ridiculous blown up to D-cup size. The doctor making her nipples point south proves he must be a Hippocratic oaf.

"But she does fuck hard and reminds me of the chick every high school guy likes to screw in the backseat of his Nova at the end of a Saturday night if he's already struck out with the A-list babes." (HEVG 11/94 p.23)

David Clark explained porn archetypes in an article for AFW. "The Bleach-Blonde Uberskunk includes Kaitlyn Ashley, Debi Diamond, Tiffany Lords, Rebecca Wild and Tianna Taylor. These women go blonde figuring its more sexy and glamorous. TBBU earns the sobriquet "uberskunk" for their willingness to f--- their way through an army of Troglodytes for $5000 and a box cover. They usually embrace the far ends of the fitness scale - the result of heavy partying in their salad days followed by rabid devotion to exercise once they clean up.... Whether or not they really are on drugs, you'd think they were by the proof of their tenuous grasp on simple problems of logic and perception - things like their particular place on the food chain, where they left their boyfriend's car keys, the length of the average porn actress's career?"

Neither lesbian nor thespian scenes frighten Kaitlyn. "I do emotional recall. I associate myself with a situation that might have happened ten or fifteen years ago. I do that, and I'm right there... I took four years of drama in high school.

"My husband Jay has always picked my wardrobe. He picks my CES dresses and every outfit I've ever worn."
The Ashley?s owned a pet Rottweiler named Dahmer, as in Jeffrey. "The first day we brought him home, little fluff ball, my husband was playing with him, and he took a chunk out of his finger. It's effective when strangers come up to you and start hassling you. All I have to say is "Dahmer.' He's protective of me. If I take him out for a walk and somebody approaches me, he's down by my side just looking at the person. And if they motion toward me, he'll start growling."

In VCA's Superstars Sex Challenge directed by Paul Norman, Kaitlyn competed with Tammi Ann in a porn version of the TV show American Gladiators. As a penalty for a foul against Tammi while they ran through an obstacle course, Ashley got thrown in the penalty box for three minutes with Ron Jeremy. "I wasn't allowed to do anything to him, but he could do anything to me. And I was pushing him away and everything. (Laughs) He's a nice guy. I like him. Besides, anyone who can suck his own dick is a real pro." (The X Factory)

Jay Ashley took over Zane's Cherry Poppers series from Max Hardcore, beginning with volume 12. He copies the hardcore attitude, but his heart is not in it. The "whore, slut, bitch" rantings are a pale imitation and at one stage the cameraman says, "Talk it up," when Jay gets almost romantic with Paisley Hunter. "Feminists and women will still hate the series and the blue noses will consider it kiddy porn - the girls are still in their little dresses and sucking lollipops," notes Pat Riley.

Pat ranks Cherry Poppers 13 as one of the best videos of 1995. "A return to some of the great themes of yesteryear with overtones of underage sex, gorgeous females and an exceedingly dominant but not brutal male [Jay Ashley].

"If you like 'em [women] big, gross, fat, aged, siliconized, slutty, like the majority of porn stars, look elsewhere. If you want a plot - spoilt yuppie trying to decide if he wants a divorce - keep looking [try Paul Thomas]...
"...Casey asks Jay about puppies (maybe he's her father and has promised to buy her a puppy)... He unbuttons her white blouse... They screw with a [Paul] Little-imitation downward press (give it up, Jay, be your own guy). Jay trolls the streets and comes across this vision: blonde with hair in pony tails, petite body, short red plaid-pleated skirt and matching halter top... He tells her she shouldn't be wandering the streets and takes her inside to call her parents. She asks to use the bathroom and Jay peeks (just like you and I would) but she doesn't mind so he joins her and finds out she's not wearing any underwear. This leads to a screw on the bathroom vanity including an anal ending in the usual facial..."

Jay Ashley appears in every scene of Cherry Poppers 14. "Too much mechanical copying of the Paul Little technique: stick your fingers up the girl's asshole and push so that they almost come through the back wall of her vagina. The problem is that Zane Entertainment have mixed up...being brutal with the girl and the idea of underage sex." (X-Rated Videotape Guide 6, p. 148)

Jay did a gay scene early in his career that earns the frequent barbs of HEVG columnist Sid Deuce.
Kaitlyn was ready to sign a contract with VCA Pictures when Jay's drug problems caused the company to withdraw the offer.

"I'm Italian and German, and have the temper of both," says Kaitlyn. "I had this big wicker shelf set with all my figurines on it. I took it, picked it up and threw it across the room."

Kaitlyn and Jay separated for several months in 1995-1996 but eventually reunited. Those parts of Kaitlyn that Jay couldn't satisfy were soothed for a time by fellow performer Sindee Coxx.

In mid 1997, Kaitlyn divorced Jay and got a new boyfriend, a DJ she met while stripping in a club. He does one sex scene with her in The Private Diary of Tori Welles.

In late 1997, Ashley moved to the East Coast for a break that may turn into permanent retirement from porn.

A Kaitlyn Ashley interview.
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 97 19:42:49
From: fabiog@neptunenet.com (L. Blisset)
Do you guys like Kaitlyn?? Well, here's what she thinks. Now you know what not to do in case you meet her! ;)


With fame comes annoyance. Just ask porn superstar Kaitlyn Ashley. This one-time winner of Adult Video News's "Starlet of the Year" award now gets recognized in public. Sometimes this is a good thing; sometimes it isn't.

Sitting at the bar of a TGI Friday's restaurant in the LA's San Fernando Valley, Kaitlyn is recognized by an older guy named Bill. She gives Bill an autographed photo, but instead of taking his gift and going back to his seat like good goober, he takes this as an invitation to let loose with a barrage of crappy jokes, all of which feature some lame sexual pun. When he realizes his bad humor isn't turning Kaitlyn on, Bill switches tactics, telling Ms. Ashley about all the cool places he's lived. His stature as a loser is fully cemented at this point; so I tell him to take a hike and he slinks off to the end of the bar from where he keeps a hopeful eye on Kaitlyn. A word to the wise guy: You can't score with porn chicks, so don't bother. Get your souvenir, go home, and jack off like a normal person, okay? Kaitlyn would prefer it that way

You've been in the business for a while now. Do you remember your firsttime before the cameras?

KAITLYN ASHLEY; I was at Jim South's [World Modeling porn agency] and [director] Paul Thomas came into the office and said, "I like your look; would you read for me?"

A cold reading?

Yes! I got so nervous. I was shaking; so we went into the back room, and he gives me a script. He was reading one part, and I did the other. We did that for a while, and he looks at me and says, "You got it."

What was the movie?

American Blonde. That was my first co-lead role for film.

What did you do in that movie?

I did Janine with a strap-on. I love her so much! That was my first major role. After that I started doing some others.

You have very recognizable breasts. Why did you get the boob job?

I've always had this thing where I think I'm fat. My biggest way to lose weight was to starve myself. The first place I lose weight is my boobs -- especially if I starve myself. Because of that, my boobs looked like empty wallets. I was losing work, because my boobs weren't perky like they used to be. So, in December of 1993, I got them done. After I got them done, I went to the CES show, [the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada] and people were coming up to me and recognizing me. I thought that was really cool. That's when my career really start to take off.

So life was better after the boob job?

After I got it done, work kept pouring in.

What's your acting technique for these movies? A lot of girls aren't really trained to act.

I do emotional recall. It's sort of like method acting. I associate myself with a situation that might have happened ten or 15 years ago. I do that, and I'm right there.

What's it like working in the same business as your husband Jay Ashley?

Jay has always picked my wardrobe. He has always picked my CES dresses. He has always picked every outfit that I've worn. And they've all been successful. That's one thing that I can say about Jay. He knows clothes.

Who picks Jay's clothes?

I do.

Now that you've been doing this for a while, how do you see yourself?

I don't see myself as some sort of big star. I think of myself as me. Kaitlyn Ashley is someone else. Some people see me, and they think I'm going to be a bitch That's so untrue! That sort of gets to me.

Any plans to go into mainstream?

Well, I took four years of drama in high school. That was all the training I've had. People ask me, "Who did you train with?" So, I've thought about it. [Fellow XXX star] Leena has had a hard time tying to break through. I see how hard people in adult have it trying to crossover. I don't handle rejection very well. Everybody gets it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. So I went to a couple of agents and did some head shots. I haven't really pursued it as much as I could have.

What's the story about Kaitlyn Ashley, contract girl?

After CES, I started looking for a contract. I had box covers, but I didn't want to go on the road yet. I talked to VCA Pictures, I had done a bunch of movies for them when they offered my a contract. I was so happy! I was ecstatic. Finally, I thought I was getting a contract with a company I respect. We worked out a deal and everything was cool. But Jay had some problems [with drugs] at the time, and so VCA put the contract on hold until Jay went to rehab. So he went, and I later found out that VCA decided not to sign me because of Jay's problems.

Were you pretty upset?

Oh! I'm Italian and German, and I have the temper of both. I had this big wicker shelf set. I had all my figurines on it. I took it, picked it up and threw it across the room. When my adrenaline gets pumping -- remember The Incredible Hulk on television? I basically destroyed the room.

Do you lose your temper a lot?

I don't lose it that often. I usually keep things inside of me until they build up, and then there's an explosion. I guess it's because my sign is Cancer.

What did you say to Jay about causing you to lose your contract?

He came home, and I told him, "Hey, you fucked my world up. You totally ruined my life."

You did a wild scene last year with Shelby Stevens in Takin' It To the Limit 4.

Oh, my God! That was a good scene. Shelby and I have this attraction. We really do. Our first movie together was Clockwork Orgy. I did her first anal in that movie.

You did a fine job.

I did it very well. With girl/girl scenes, you have to feel out what the other girl likes, what she doesn't like. You need to know if they like it rough or if they like it soft. You never know, but that scene with Shelby was one of the best times I've ever had doing a movie. It was heaven.

The only thing I didn't like about that scene was the analpart

with Nick East. I mean I love Nick, but I don't think it went with the action between me and Shelby. Unfortunately, Bruce Seven wanted to include some boy/girl stuff. But the stuff I did with Shelby? I must have had orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

You're very nasty in your movies.

Yeah, but I've always been cast as sort of the girl-next-door.

Your performance in Wicked Ways 3, with the triple-anal penetration followed by you biting the tops off the dildos you used on yourself, was pretty intense.

Well, I washed them off first.

Does your butt ever get sore from all the anal stuff that you do?

Yeah, it does sometimes.

---------==========THE END!!==========-----------

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